Create complete full-use parts using proven techniques.


Aerospace is a fast paced competitive industry, where the trend is toward lean manufacturing of lighter weight parts. There is intese pressure to reduce time to market, as well as minimize tooling design and manufacturing costs. Engineers can produce several itinerations of specific parts and evaluate different design alternatives with applications ranging from "proof of concept", to reverse engineering and finally rapid manufacturing...getting to metal alloy parts faster and eventually onto test stands.


With Solidscape’s industry-leading precision and accuracy, there is no limit to the complexity of the parts created. By creating more complex forms, the need for many individual parts which must be assembled later can be combined to form one complex part. The complex part is created on Solidscape’s printer and directly cast into metal, eliminating tooling costs and reducing both assembly time and production costs. And because one part can replace many interlocking parts, the final assembly is more reliable.