CAD CAM manufacturing is the new standard for jewellery manufacturers intending to compete globally.  Solidscape's jewellery solutions provide Quality, Consistency, Efficiency, and Productivity benefits.The entire process can be done in house, greatly reducing costs associated with production time and securing greater control.  Printing in house affords the opportunity to analyse a 3-dimensional proof of the work before delivery.Designers can design master models of increasing complexity, while manufacturers or service bureaus can produce them on Solidscape's 3D printers obtaining wax masters with superior surface finish and precision. These wax master models are ideal for direct casting into precious metals or mold making.The technology also empowers jewellers and small design shops to meet the growing demand for custom design. Intricate detail, stunning symmetry and precision, never possible with hand carving, are all achievable with Solidscape printers.

"Seeing these models being born right in front of our eyes, that's what excites me the most as a person. As a bussines owner i think about all the money i'm saving doing these models ourselves"


                                                                Hagop Matossian,Owner,Bostonian Jewelers



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